Since 1988 I have been a licensed Realtor in the state of Michigan. I have directly helped many hundreds of people with their housing transitions in the Washtenaw County Area, and others world-wide through referrals which I personally qualify. My tag line summarizes my approach of "Helping You Home". Though selling property has been my business, it's helping the people involved that's most important to me.

“Helping You Home” has always had the additional meaning for me of helping people to focus or “home in”. In recent years, I’ve found myself homing in more on helping the environment, promoting social justice, and improving participation in our democracy in civil ways. As these areas have become increasingly important to me in recent years, I made the decision to switch my business model to allow for more activism, especially around water quality issues. So, while my goal is to still to help you with all of the decisions involved in buying or selling real estate, my focus has shifted to making referrals. This allows me to suggest another Realtor who will be fit your needs. If you choose to work with this person, then I can be in the background for occasional consultation, if you feel you need it. When the sale is completed, the Realtor I referred you to will pay me a referral fee from their portion of the commission (which means that it costs you nothing additional). If for some reason you do not like who I suggest, then there is no obligation on your part. This approach allows me to still help you with all of your real estate needs.