What to Expect from Terri...

  • Integrity I will treat you with high integrity.

  • Availability I work seven days a week. Feel free to call me for any reason between 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., any day, or email me any time since I check my email often.

  • Information I see my job as making as much (or as little) information available to you as you want. Having been in the corporate world trained in the art of "executive summary", I am very comfortable with adjusting the amount of information I pass on to meet your objectives, always making sure the critical info is highlighted.

  • Education I can help you make sense of the information you receive and the legal requirements you need to meet.

  • Flexibility I will work with you in the way fits your lifestyle. Not everyone has the same needs or work ways.

  • Organization I am good at tracking the many, many details and forms involved - and helping you keep on track.

  • Directness I will give you my professional opinions in a straightforward manner.

  • Support I will be your advocate as the choices are ultimately yours to make.

  • Creativity I am a creative, practical problem solver. I excel in listing the possibilities with the costs and benefits associated.

  • Humor I have some and I will help you to keep yours throughout the process.

What I Expect from You...

  • Directness Tell me what I need to know to best help you with your housing needs.

  • Communication As circumstances evolve, let me know so we can update our approach.

  • Availability To work as a team, I must also be able to easily contact you.

  • Timeliness Completing activities as agreed upon is critical to keeping a sale on track.

  • Integrity It's a two way street.