Professional Background
I began working as a full-time Realtor in January of 1988 after leaving the corporate world of mergers and acquisitions. What attracted me to real estate was the potential to make a direct, positive impact on people's lives. I knew I could use my research background in business development to find out what I needed to know about the housing market and stay informed. The flexibility that a real estate career offered (and demanded) suited me well.

My first client was my former secretary. She obviously knew that I was just beginning, but she also knew that she could trust me to be straightforward and hardworking. I helped her and her husband sell the ranch they were living in and buy a colonial. They referred me to others. Five years later I again helped them by selling their colonial when they moved out of town.

That has been the pattern of my success. I work closely with my clients. They are pleased with my service and refer me to others. When they are ready to buy or sell again, they call me back. In 2014, I had the pleasure of helping one of my most frequent clients complete a 5th transaction across a 24 year span, and sell a starter home to a first time buyer who did the math of my career span at closing and blurted, "You've been selling real estate longer than I have been alive!". Ah, yep. This is true.   Click here for my resume to see more specifics about my work history.


Personal Background
I moved to Ann Arbor in 1983. Unlike many who come to Ann Arbor for school and stay, I moved to Ann Arbor from Pennsylvania just after college to be near aging grandparents. Ann Arbor offered the promise of the cross-cultural diversity of a larger city with the feel of a smaller community. It has lived up to its promise. It is very easy for to tell people about how wonderful it is to live in this area as I truly love the Ann Arbor Area (that's where the "A3" in my domain name comes from - Ann Arbor Area). My husband loves to cycle and I love to swim, cook, garden, quilt and knit. I am increasingly passionate about protecting our water. We are both committed to social justice and civil, free speech. We both love cavorting with our spunky, little rescue dog.  

Philosophy & Favorite Volunteer Work
My overall philosophy is truly BIG PICTURE driven. I ensure that my clients' long term housing needs are met, rather than focusing on an immediate sale. Sometimes, after reviewing all of my clients' options in detail, I've suggested that it may not be the best time for them to make a move. On occasion, I have also suggested a different agent because I think that agent would be better able to meet their needs. This surprises people since it means a potential loss of business for me. However, my thought has always been of the "what goes around comes around" school. Knowing that I am doing my best to suggest the best for you, you will help me keep my business thriving.

My reputation is excellent with my colleagues, as well as my clients. Having an agent with a good reputation within the real estate world also benefits you because my fairness and efficiency are well known. In a multiple offer situation, which is frequent in this area, there may not be much to distinguish the offers. Working with an agent who has good performance record for completing transactions can help you. I am known for being straightforward and easy to work with, as well as committed to keeping to the terms of an agreement.

I am also known for my extensive volunteer work. In addition to giving back to the real estate community (see my resume for that), my favorite volunteer causes are:

  • Food Gatherers which is the food rescue program my husband and I have supported for many years and in many ways. In fact, Food Gatherers brought us together - first through a conversation about volunteering and then when I joined him doing a food run every week for over a year before we got married.

  • Interfaith Hospitality Network at Alpha House which helps working, homeless families in Washtenaw County get back on their feet through the support of a coalition of local congregations (churches, temples, synagogues...)

  • Safe House which provides support for those impacted by domestic violence or sexual assault.

  • Threshold Choir which honors the tradition of women singing softly at the bedside of someone struggling with a transition such as post surgery, loss of loved one, or dying.

  • Arbor Hospice which is where I volunteered weekly for almost 6 years both visiting all the in-house residents with a tea cart loaded with fresh baked goods, coffee, and tea and often holding someone in song. I was always repaid handsomely with appreciation and a reminder to live simply in the moment at hand.

  • Woman Within which is a global non-profit established in 1987 to help women discover the beauty and power within themselves by offering weekend programs that allow them sacred space to discover their "woman within". I served as Secretary on the International Board of Woman Within.